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Vacation Interrupted :iconed3765:ED3765 90 6
One Piece: The Thief and Carbonite
Nami was sleeping peacefully in bed only clad in a sports bra and pants as she had a long night of mapping out the ship’s future course. She had lightly woken up when she herd some commotion on deck and figured it was Luffy arguing with one of the crew members either over a battle or food. She became irritated though when the door open and someone came into her room.
“Hmmm, keep your fight on deck guys.” Nami grunted irritated as she tried to get back to sleep.
“Sorry, the fight is over.” A unfamiliar voice said which made Nami’s eyes shoot open but had little time to react as someone threw a bag over her head and manhandled her to the top side of the ship.
“Let go!” Nami scream through the bag which came out muffled as once they reached top side and dragged over what seem like a long board the bag was removed and she saw herself on a unknown ship with the rest of her crew which they were all being held down by people using seastone restr
:iconed3765:ED3765 19 2
One Piece: Nami and the Bomb with Robin
“Mmrmprm!” Nami grunted into her tape gag as she was only clad in a dark blue bra with white shorts as she was heavily bound to a chair with rope. In front of her was a time bomb which the time was set at a measly one minute. To her luck though it had yet to start ticking down and her captors had left to do who knows what.
She would only hope that Robin would return and find her likes this. Luffy their captain had given the crew time off as he went off to take part in the ten day feast fest. So her and Robin had taken a small ship to a small island to relax and enjoy the sun but as she slept on the small ship some masked men came in.
Nami had struggled at first, biting and kicking them but they eventually pulled her from her bed and sat her into the chair and bound her tightly and gagged her with tape after stuffing Robin’s panties into her mouth and set up the bomb.
“Mrmprmrm!” She grunted as she stomp her foot on the ground madly.
Nami was about to let o
:iconed3765:ED3765 63 9
Kill la Kill: Ryuuko B and G Event
Honnōji Academy, a place for high ranking students of all classes to attend the specialized school. On this day everyone was gathered outside in the court yard as Satsuki Kiryūin took her spot high up on the school giving her usual prideful glow as all the students gathered for an announcement.
"Great, an announcement by her pain in the ass royal highness." Ryūko said with a yawn as she stood in the back of the crowd with Mako.
"Maybe she will announce something good for the students?" Mako thought cheerfully.
"Please, it will most likely be something to give her a laugh." Ryūko said yawning again being so early in the morning.
"Morning students of Honnōji Academy, I'm glad you are able to join me here on this day as I effectively announce the cancellation of classes just for this day for a special event." She said making the crowd cheer.
"Well didn't see that coming." Ryūko commented as Ira Gamagōri silenced everyone.
"Instead of classes today, there
:iconed3765:ED3765 153 15
End of the Love Curse Part A
"Uuuuuhhhrrrnnnnnn." Alex groan as she was curled up on the couch in their apartment, her friends Hana, Natalie and Mina watching on in worry from a nearby dining table.
"She's been like this for three days now." Mina whispered.
"Can't say I blame her." Hana said as they took their conversation to the kitchen to not bother Alex who was in a bad enough slump.
"What do we do?" Natalie asked. "I think that princess Ocela keeps calling, since every time the phone is answered the other side immediately hangs up."
"Hmmmm." Hana thought staring at Alex. "None of this is normal." She concluded.
"What does that mean?" Mina asked as Hana had sneak out and stole one of the many tissues Alex had discarded after soaking with her snot.
"I'm going to go call in a DNA exam favor. Till then, try and cheer up Alex okay?" Hana said as both girls looked confused as to what she had in mind, but nodded as Hana took her leave quickly.
"Uh-oh, looks like she may be on to your plan." Zena said as
:iconed3765:ED3765 93 5
A Damp Welcome for the Guard Sisters
James town national airport, airplanes from all over the world land here for a refueling or to drop off people from faraway lands. Today, a special plane from Heartsville landed which was a plane used by royal family and once its doors opened, out stepped two red head sisters, both clad in purple armor with black shirts under it with a red skirt with purple thigh highs and knee high blue boots.
"Man that was a looooooong trip." Chrissy groan loudly while stretching out her limbs as she held her travel bag.
"If you had taken a nap like I suggested it would have gone by quicker." Clarissa reminded her sister who just scowled back.
"If we just went with the princess like we should have in the first place this wouldn’t have been an issue." Chrissy grumbled as the queen had received a call of help from Ocela and they were dispatched to help her on the first flight out of their realm.
"Well who would thought there be a psycho bitch here trying to make the princess fall in love?" Claris
:iconed3765:ED3765 78 7
Mature content
Naruto: 2 and 7 Tails Make Perfect Gifts :iconed3765:ED3765 56 4
Mature content
Korra: Loving During a Mission :iconed3765:ED3765 57 3
Wild West Damsels
At an abandon farm outside of Twin Canyon City, were several outlaws who had taken up residence with their leader. He was named Slick Back who was a mean looking person who wore dark clothing and was desperately looking for something. That something being a new wife which only the youngest of beauties would do.
"Boys," Slick said while whittling some wood in front of him in a rundown kitchen, his posse gathered around the room where they chewed some fat or played checkers. "I think it’s time I wed again, need me a wife, got to give my girl a mother figure," he stated and on cue a black haired teenaged female clad in purple and black cowboy gear stomped into the room with a glare with her black hair pulled into long braids.
"But Pa, I told you already I don't want no Ma. I just want you to teach me the ways of the outlaw!" the female known as Jewel Back stated with a stomp of her foot.
"Now Jewel, my precious Jewel, you know you need a Ma and I intend to get you one," he said as o
:iconed3765:ED3765 58 2
Jenna the Cat Hunts for the Cure
Warning, the following story is only about animal like humans. Do not read if you have issues with that.
Jenna a anthropomorphic flying feline flew through the sky, her black and inner white feathered wings flapping about happily as the air blew through her black and two red striped hair and blue fur as her tail wagged about happily as she went soaring through a few clouds, making sure not to get any water built up in the clouds on her outfit. She currently wore long red and black striped gloves with a black tank top that fully revealed her upper chest with hip resting black pants that revealed her stomach a little and matching black and white shoes.
"Now where is that meeting place?" Jenna muttered to herself as she scanned the ground below. "Oh boy, if I over shoot it my partner is going to be so mad!"
As Jenna kept scanning the ground she soon noticed a dark spec on the green grassy background and quickly swooped down and saw a fox anthropomorphic animal clad in a blue ou
:iconed3765:ED3765 6 1
Daily Paint 1765# Pizzasaurus - Pineapple Sins by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1765# Pizzasaurus - Pineapple Sins :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 2,717 152 Daily Paint 1764# Pizzasaurus - The Carnivore by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1764# Pizzasaurus - The Carnivore :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,475 112 Daily Paint 1763# Pizzasaurus - The Herbivore by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1763# Pizzasaurus - The Herbivore :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,524 247 Paul Kaye miniature by whu-wei Paul Kaye miniature :iconwhu-wei:whu-wei 18 2 Beric Dondarion and Thoros of Myr by taka0801 Beric Dondarion and Thoros of Myr :icontaka0801:taka0801 15 0
Mature content
Good NITE, Blackfire :iconjack-inqu13:Jack-Inqu13 103 8


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